Our Focus

Project C3
  • C1 – Clean Air (O)
  • C2 – Clean Soil (C)
  • C3 – Clean Water (H2O)

Our vision

Utilizing our experience and contacts to build job creation with sustainable and renewable energy operations for the people of Flint.

Our company is looking to expand it’s current global footprint and increase production capacity to address the growing need for injection molding. We make plastic injection molded automotive parts for major automotive companies from our facilities in China and Pontiac.

We have an immediate need to move parts production currently being done in our Shenzhen, China facility and from our production facility in Istanbul, Turkey. Working together with our customers, we are strategically considering expanding our North American production footprint.

Conservative estimates could result in 200 to 250 new jobs to handle this demand. Our organization has considered and met with officials and developers in Mexico, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana and here in my home state of Michigan. Our new operations will be Flint based, Michigan higher quality labor with well paying jobs, doing good work for the city of Flint. We plan on utilizing cleaner energy, deploying sensible solar and sustainable activities to make this the beacon of “state of the art” manufacturing for our mutual success, now and in the future.


Strategic partners