Kathy Remski

Kathy Remski worked as a stylist, producer, talent scout, event coordinator, and agent prior to becoming a partner at Real Style and company co-founder. Kathy brings energy, problem solving skills, and a forward way of thinking to every project. Kathy has called Detroit her home for over 28 years. Kathy has been part of the fashion business her entire professional career, buying for a large department store in Chicago, and branching out into styling once she settled into Detroit. As a stylist, Kathy has been on air talent for Macy’s speaking to seasonal trends and has given presentations on style and appropriate workplace attire to many of Detroit’s Fortune 500 companies. Kathy has casted extras for over 50 movie and television projects filmed in Michigan, employing over 50,000 people.  Kathy’s  clients include General Motors, including Cadillac and Chevy Brands, FCA, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, along with area advertising agencies, charities, photographers, and retailers.

  1. In 2008, added extras casting to breadth of services provided to Real Style.  Real Style provided over 50,000 jobs to Michigan residents at a time when the National Economy was at its lowest point since the depression.
  2. Kathy has been involved in her community, assisting on school committees for special needs students, and has been an active fund raiser for Angels’ Place, an organization that provides housing and support for developmentally disabled adults
  3. As a rule, Kathy believes that businesses, communities, and municipalities should strive for a diverse base of services and business to avoid complete collapse should one facet should fall on hard times.
  4. Great communities are a result of great support from the members of the community, which is a philosophy that Kathy, and her husband Jim have have embraced…
  5. Events and event planning are essential to every community and business.  Accepting downturn but reflecting and celebrating any support given, a can do spirit, and future opportunity should be a cornerstone of every community and business.
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